About Me

Hi, I'm Martin. I work as a Futurist for Jisc in the UK, leading our Future and Emerging Technologies group. Here's my work home page. We run shared services for around 18 million people at UK universities and colleges, schools and the wider public sector - like the Janet network, JiscMail, eduroam and govroam

Right now I'm mainly looking at the potential for research and education of AR, VR, AI, ML and other Two Letter Acronyms. Read on to find out more, and do get in touch if you're interested in collaborating ;-)


Here's a selection of media clippings of articles I've written and interviews I've given. I'm always interested speaking to journalists about the work we do at Jisc - please do drop me a line directly or contact the Jisc press team

Slides & Talks

I do a lot of public speaking about technology and the impact of tech trends on society - most of my slides are available to view on SlideShare

YouTube Channel

You'll find recordings of my talks and tech demos, unboxings and walk throughs on my YouTube channel

Horizon Scanning

Read our latest horizon scanning reports on the Technology Foresight blog

Edtech Futures

Hear about the latest tech in research and education from me and my team mates Suhad and Matt on our Innovative Technology blog


I'm also a keen photographer and Google Maps Local Guide, with a sideline in 360 degree imaging. If you like my pictures, why not follow me on Instagram for more, or get in touch if you'd like me to take some photos for you. I'm a Google Street View Trusted Photographer too.